Using content to create user journeys that feel invisible


The inner workings of a company should be invisible to users. In this case study, we’ll unpack how two content designers from different areas of the business—marketing and product—used content to create a connected user experience for the launch of Shopify Fulfillment Network.

These speakers advocate for organizational unity, inspiring you to sew the seams of your diverse channels and teams, and combine your talents to create experiences for your audiences that are truly connected and seamless and drive results.

This session will inspire conference attendees and help them walk away with:

  • Tips to create connected experiences using content that supports user and business goals
  • Arguments to use when advocating for seamless collaboration within their organization
  • Examples of journeys that feel invisible across channels

Who will benefit most: This talk is for UX professionals or enthusiasts, web content strategists, or content designers motivated to encourage their organization or clients to collaborate better and keep organizational silos from influencing the online services, products, campaigns, etc., designed for their target audiences.

Shannon MurphyShannon Murphy

Senior Content Designer, Shopify

Amelie SiroisAmelie Sirois

Content Designer, Shopify