About Confab

Confab is an event for people who care about making content more useful and usable for everyone. And no, you don’t have to be a content strategist to attend! If you lead, design, build, or manage digital content, Confab is where you belong.

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Photo of three happy attendees

Confab is a conference about content strategy.

At Confab, content strategy is a big tent, and that’s on purpose. Our program is designed to help connect the dots between the different fields of practice that focus on all kinds of digital content—for websites, apps, marketing, services, support, chatbots, and anywhere else people need content to get a job done.

Each year, we carefully curate the Confab program from hundreds of talk proposals to ensure you’re getting the best ideas, insights, how-tos, and inspiration. Talks cover a range of interrelated topics, including:

  • Website content strategy
  • Content design for digital products
  • Enterprise content ops
  • SEO for findability
  • Analytics and performance
  • Workflows and stakeholder management
  • Content accessibility and inclusivity
  • Growing your career in content
  • ... and more

Confab happens annually in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Confab speakers set the standards for our industry.

Attendees come to Confab to spend time with the people whose work is shaping the global content strategy conversation. Every year, speakers include celebrated authors, industry pioneers, content leaders from global brands, and exciting new voices. Meet this year’s speakers.

Confab attendees come from all over.

Each year, you’ll meet fellow content enthusiasts from just about every industry, with highly diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Come spend time with folks from organizations like:


Confab is an event where everyone is welcome.

We’re committed to making Confab a friendly, welcoming conference that’s accessible to everyone and ensures every attendee feels safe and included. Read the Confab code of conduct and learn about the Confab Equity Scholarship.

Confab is brought to you by Brain Traffic.

Brain Traffic is a global content strategy services and events company. Our CEO Kristina Halvorson is the author of Content Strategy for the Web and the host of The Content Strategy Podcast. We like you.

What’s the difference between Confab and Button?

Brain Traffic produces a second conference called Button, which is specifically focused on the practice of content design for digital products. While Confab attendees gather to learn about working together across a range of content products, channels, and platforms, Button attendees almost exclusively work in product design.

What else would you like to know?

We want you to know all there is to know about Confab! If we’ve missed something, please contact us so we can get your questions answered.