Data-first thinking is content-first thinking


More and more, enterprise organizations are talking about being “data-first.” Stream the data! Get the data into the cloud! There’s just one problem: This data comes from different systems that have conflicting definitions, labels, and formats for the same concepts. Even in the cloud, even when streaming, systems that don’t share definitions can’t easily “talk” to one another. One machine spells it potato, and another spells it potatoe, and now they’re not sure if they are pointing to the same tuber.

As content designers, we can help by bringing a customer-centric, content-first perspective to how our data is defined, labeled, and structured in our APIs, code, and other technical systems.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Techniques and approaches for bringing a customer-centered, content-first perspective to internal data
  • Strategies for convincing stakeholders in design, product, and tech that content designers can add value to conversations about data models and API design
  • Some challenges you may face along the way, and ideas for how to handle them

Who will benefit most: Content designers who are new to working with structured content, data, taxonomies, and ontologies, and who are working in large enterprise organizations.

They will benefit by learning how to:

  • Frame their content skills as a value add for people who are new to working with content designers.
  • Transition their content design skills into the world of data.
  • Build relationships outside of typical design partners at large organizations.
Maggie AndersonMaggie Anderson

Content and Design Strategist, Capital One