Automation and creative aren’t enemies: Structuring content for scalability and personalization


As digital technology insinuates itself ever deeper into all aspects of our lives, we often come up against a cliché: Creativity and the rules-based world of automation-ready content are at odds. It’s rules vs art.

This session calls bull on that premise and talks about how an enterprise can—and why an enterprise must—embrace rules-based content creation, with a twist. Rather than giving up, we’ll look at how structure and great creative can work together to support scalable, omnichannel strategies. We’ll take lessons from diverse fields and real projects to see how great art often colors within the lines, provided the lines are well drawn.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Get a very simple introduction to structure that will prepare you for the modern web.
  • Bridge the gap between technical content strategy needs and creative design work.
  • Learn from real examples of projects that have managed to get the best of both worlds in terms of great creative and scalable content.

Who will benefit most: Content modelers, editorial planners, and senior UX professionals will all see how their content can be great and scale.

Noz UrbinaNoz Urbina

Omnichannel Content Designer, Urbina Consulting