Tracy Playle

Tracy is CEO and chief content strategist at Pickle Jar Communications. She is also a public speaker and coach.

Since founding Pickle Jar Communications she has worked with over 200 education institutions around the world to help them advance their approach to content strategy, content design, and content marketing.

The best version of Tracy comes out to play when she’s running workshops, training sessions, coaching individuals and teams, or delivering presentations and conference keynotes. She dedicates herself to develop others to become powerful content professionals.

Tracy sees that her purpose is to inspire people—through curiosity and play—to step into their full potential and go beyond what they believe to be possible. This purpose drives her work as a content strategist in the education sector, as a leader, as a speaker, and as a coach.

Before founding Pickle Jar Communications in 2007, Tracy worked in-house at the University of Warwick, latterly as head of Research-TV. She chose to become a consultant so that she could have an impact across the education sector, not just within a single institution, and to have greater breadth and variety in her work.

She is also the founder of ContentEd and Utterly Content. And she is the author of The Connected Campus: Creating a content strategy to drive engagement with your university (2020).

Tracy is an award-winning keynote speaker, and has spoken at conferences and events in five continents. As a speaker she unites insight and perspective with playfulness, humor, and compassion.

Alongside her work as a consultant, Tracy is also a leadership coach. She practices the highest standards of coaching, having trained with Accomplishment Coaching in New York. She has also been involved in training coaches too.

Tracy is especially committed to bringing a coaching style to her leadership at Pickle Jar Communications, and helps other leaders do the same with their teams. She passionately believes that a successful team stems from leaders who stand to empower others with a huge dose of compassion, humor, and humanity.

Tracy Playle
Tracy Playle

CEO and Chief Content Strategist, Pickle Jar Communications Ltd