On-site search: Often overlooked and under your control


Content strategists, designers, and transformation managers need to have a strong grasp on how on-site search experience plays out for users.

Meeting today’s search experience standards is not cheap—and the effort deserves the same level of staffing and financial commitment that content strategy and web projects receive at your companies.

You’ll leave this talk with a better understanding of these concepts:

  • Evaluating whether you should utilize on-site search: Stats, costs, and effort levels
  • Search basics: Overview of inbound and on-site search approaches and which ones you should consider
  • Where search, knowledge management, and content strategy intersect: Taxonomies, naming mechanisms, and designing your content for search

Who will benefit most: This talk is for content strategists as well as anyone who is doing content design or UX, or in the role of CMS implementation or transformation specialist.

Courtney ReyersCourtney Reyers

Senior Manager, Digital Strategy, American Society for Microbiology