How content helped one company scale 100x (yes, one hundred) in two weeks


In March 2020, the corona pandemic hit Norway, and the country went into lockdown. Suddenly, everyone wanted to get started with video calls.

The little startup Confrere, which made video calls for the healthcare industry, grew their customer base by 10 times in two weeks, and the number of calls by 100 in two weeks. Suddenly, the company had become de facto national infrastructure, as 96 percent of the video calls in the Norwegian healthcare sector went through their platform. How was that even possible? A lot of it was because of content.

In this session, you’ll learn how:

  • The core model helps craft content that is relevant for customers, even when context shifts vastly.
  • User research, sales, and customer service can work together to create content that answers users’ questions while being aligned on goals.
  • Focusing on localization from day one can prepare you for growth.
  • Sometimes it’s okay to leave some questions to a bot, rather than a human.

Who will benefit most: This talk is for organizations that feel they don’t have the resources they need, and wonder how they can be sure they’re focusing on the most important content with the resources they have.

Ida AalenIda Aalen

UX and Content Designer/Chief Product Officer, Confrere