Help engineers write better: Tools for enterprise content


Does your product include words written by engineers without any guidelines? This happens a lot in enterprise environments. It’s often not great. Your coworkers struggle through. Customers get subpar copy. No one is set up for success. But what if you gave those teams tools that made their jobs easier?

This case study shows you the way. Walk through a content audit of API endpoint descriptions. Turn those best practices into guidelines. Finally, learn how to introduce engineers to UX writing principles and guidelines in a way that fits their workflow. Bonus content of strategies to win hearts and minds.

You will leave this talk with:

  • An outline for a workshop on UX writing principles
  • Approaches to define gold-standard “formulas” for content types
  • Examples of formulas embraced by engineers and PMs
  • Tips on getting engineers excited about all of this

Who will benefit most: This talk is for anyone who has customers reading content written by engineers (descriptions, field name, etc.) and wants to help them do better. This talk covers how to get stakeholder support and run a workshop with exercises so they learn muscle memory of writing better.

Elly SearleElly Searle

Principal Content Strategist, CrowdStrike