Evolving your tone and voice


Tone and voice aren’t static—they need to keep pace with the times and a company’s evolution. But how challenging might it be for an established content design team to adopt a new tone and voice framework?

The Netflix content design team recently faced this question when they helped shape new companywide tone and voice guidelines and adapted their thinking about how they apply tone and voice. This talk will cover how they created the new guidelines, how they use them in experiment design, and how to use tone and voice in conversations with stakeholders to win support for content strategy goals.

After this session, you will understand:

  • Why a companywide tone and voice framework is important
  • How to establish a companywide tone and voice when multiple writing teams are involved (using Netflix as a case study)
  • How to “retrofit” a team’s past work to align with a new tone and voice framework
  • Why a tone map is your team’s friend, and other practical tools
  • How tone and voice can be used in testing
  • How to use tone and voice in discussions with stakeholders to support your content strategy goals

Who will benefit most: This talk will be helpful for content strategists and UX writers who are interested in learning how a well-known company (Netflix) looks at tone and voice, especially if they’re thinking about evolving their own tone and voice or establishing a framework for the first time. This talk will also offer ideas about how to test, measure, and apply tone and voice.

Jen SchaeferJen Schaefer

Head of Content Design, Netflix