Content strategy is community is content strategy


You may be launching the coolest service on the block, bringing in students to a major university, or bringing attention to a community nonprofit. User-centric content strategy, at its heart, is about crafting messages that bring together people who share common interests and goals.

There is another field that serves a similar function—community management. In this talk, Greg Dunlap will unpack what content strategy and community have in common and how these disciplines feed off of each other.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • What it means to build community around content
  • How different governance models influence content strategy
  • How thinking about your users as a community can help you bring an ethical point of view to your work and your stakeholders

Who will benefit most: This will be especially helpful to working content strategists who take a user-centric approach and want to level up skills around community and governance.

Greg DunlapGreg Dunlap

Senior Digital Strategist, Lullabot