Content research and testing


You’ve written the landing page copy, created the onboarding flows, and designed the key messaging, UI copy, and interactions for your product. But how do you know if the words are working? Do users agree with you? Here’s how to find out!

Join Bobbie Wood, the founder and CEO of UX Writers Collective, for a talk on content research and testing methods. This talk introduces anyone working in a marketing or design team to a few of the fastest and most effective ways to test content in your apps, websites, and marketing communications.

After this talk, you’ll take away:

  • A better understanding of why testing is important
  • At least five methods for testing content in different contexts
  • An understanding of how to present your findings for impact and ROI

Who will benefit most: This talk will be helpful to UX designers, researchers, content strategists, writers, product managers, and marketers. These audiences benefit by learning how to get feedback and insights on the specific text, words, and messages used across product content.

Bobbie WoodBobbie Wood

Founder & CEO, UX Writers Collective