Beyond the button: Learn about your audience by testing the content after the click


Most of us are familiar with the importance of testing microcopy. But what happens after the click? What happens with the content our audience encounters beyond the button?

This talk explores why it’s important to test your longer-form content and messaging with your target audience, looking beyond conversions and traditional metrics to gauge success, and will share real video examples of audiences giving feedback on content.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How content is improved through human insight
  • How to screen for your ideal audience and most targeted feedback
  • What you can learn from the feedback you weren’t looking for

Who will benefit most: If your focus is on content that’s more than just a few words and you’d like to understand if it’s resonating with your target audience, this talk is for you.

Jennifer DeRomeJennifer DeRome

Senior Content Strategist, UserTesting