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Partner with us to help build a content strategy community that’s more diverse, inclusive, and representative of the perspectives that shape our work.

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DEI in content strategy is serious business.

Content strategists plan and create content for all kinds of people—yet conferences in the industry too often represent limited perspectives from a homogeneous community. It’s imperative that our field includes and reflects a broad spectrum of experiences and perspectives, and we’re serious about making it happen.

We award several scholarships each year to people who meet one or more of these criteria:

  • They are a Black person
  • They are a person of color
  • They are an Indigenous person
  • They have a disability
  • They identify as LGBTQIA+
  • They have lost your source of income or are experiencing a financial crisis
  • They can articulate another way you are experiencing inequity

In 2023, we intend to award the highest number of scholarships in Confab history—and we’re counting on sponsor dollars to help make that happen.

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When you sponsor the Confab Equity Scholarship program, you will:

  • Make conference attendance possible for more people by helping us bridge the wealth gap.
  • Help amplify the voices of systemically oppressed and marginalized groups.
  • Empower a vibrant and diverse community of practice within content strategy and UX.
  • Recruit the people you want to hire by creating “a way in” for underrepresented, lower-visibility populations.

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