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People tell us all the time how much they love Confab, and how much it transforms their work—but don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what past attendees have to say to people who are on the fence about attending …

Every professional who touches content needs to attend Confab. There’s no other opportunity to share a room with hundreds of people who ALL understand what you do. The techniques, tools, discussion, networking—and of course, the food—were exceptional.”Tim Sandfort
My community is at Confab. It’s where I go to reconnect with friends, hear new voices in the industry, find inspiration and ideas for the coming year, and share my perspectives for what matters most in our industry.”Margot Bloomstein
Appropriate, Inc.
I really enjoy the quality of presenters at Confab. These are not the kinds of people that just do the conference circuit— they are active and contributing members of the craft.”Katherine Rosenberg
Foot Locker, Inc.
This conference changed the way I perceive myself professionally, how I see myself in my company’s dynamic, and how I’d like to improve. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This was truly a career game-changer for me.”Lori Varsames
Traditional Medicinals
This was the best-designed conference I have attended, and I've attended many over 20+ years. Confab was flawless, from marketing to website to sessions to food and at last, departure. This was my first Confab, and I felt at home, without any new attendee confusion.”Renee McGivern
Spark Plug Consulting
For me, presentation quality is defined by the availability of tangible solutions to real-world problems, and, by and large, the presenters were intelligent and generous with their ideas, plans, and solutions.”Anna Wright

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