Vanessa Roman

Vanessa Roman has extensive experience as a content creator, writer, and content strategist, and is a professional coffee drinker. Most recently, she served as digital content writer and marketing strategist at Rutgers Business School (RBS) in Newark, NJ. As part of the Website Operations team, she co-managed the content deliverables of a massive comprehensive website redesign. At RBS, she was responsible for all web copy, coordinating digital assets, and the overall content strategy for the site. 

As of February, Vanessa began a new role as the Director of Communications, Marketing and Public Relations at the Rutgers School of Nursing. Other versions of Vanessa included a stint as an editor at PR Newswire and a reporter for a local Gannett newspaper. Vanessa is finishing up her Master's degree in Communication & Media and will instantly get a raise. (Just kidding. It's higher ed)

Vanessa loves coffee in all of its forms (except flavored), reading, traveling, writing stuff, essential oils, boxing, singing (sometimes at the same time), and endlessly looping episodes of "The Office.”

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Vanessa Roman
Vanessa Roman

Director of Communicaitons, Marketing, and Public Relations, Rutgers School of Nursing

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