Tracy Playle

Tracy Playle is founder and director of two UK-based content strategy consultancies, Pickle Jar Communications Ltd and Utterly Content Ltd. She spends her life developing content strategies, and inspiring others to create compelling content for organizations primarily in the education, research, and charity sectors. Although based in the UK, Tracy has worked with clients in over 20 countries, often on projects with a diverse international audience focus. 

Before founding Pickle Jar in 2007, she worked at Head of Research-TV, a broadcast PR service turning serious academic research breakthroughs into TV-newsworthy stories. During her time there, stories were used by over 150 television channels in more than 90 countries. 

Tracy speaks at events around the world. In 2014, she was awarded a CASE Crystal Apple Teaching Award for speaking, an award that has only been given to 20 Europeans in 20 years. Tracy is the first European digital content specialist to receive this award.

Tracy Playle
Tracy Playle

Pickle Jar Communications Ltd & Utterly Content Ltd


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