Tracy Playle

Tracy Playle is the chief content strategist for U.K.-based content strategy consultancy Pickle Jar Communications.

After spending her early career working at the University of Warwick in a range of communications, content, and digital planning roles, Tracy set up her own consultancy in 2007. Since then, she has advised over 160 organizations in 25 countries on how to plan, create, distribute, and manage compelling and effective content. More recently, she began coaching budding content strategists and senior leaders who want to embed a more strategic approach to content management in their organizations.

Tracy is an enthusiastic, award-winning speaker and is invited to speak at conferences around the world. She is also founder of the ContentEd conference, serving the European education sector, and author of The Connected Campus: Creating a content strategy to drive engagement with your university.

She lives in the northeast of England with her dog, Scout.

Tracy Playle
Tracy Playle

Chief Content Strategist, Pickle Jar Communications


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