Mike Powers

Mike is director of electronic communications at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He used to be an English professor and wrote about people like James Joyce and Gertrude Stein. But even before becoming a professor, he led a double life—writing his dissertation while building websites for Turner Learning in downtown Atlanta. After a few years of a life that was half about the web and half about literature, the web won out. 

Mike has worked for IUP since 1999, and started managing its main website in 2007. Since then, he has overseen IUP’s transition to a content management system and then to a responsive site, put IUP on social media, worked on IUP’s smartphone app and student portal, and managed many other projects. He has been using the term “content strategy” to describe much of what he does since sometime in 2010. 

Mike has presented at eduWeb, at the Penn State Web Conference, online for Higher Ed Experts, and at several varieties of Confab. He designed the Higher Ed Experts course “Web Writing for Higher Ed,” a four-week course on web writing for higher education. He’s also a dad, a musician, and a co-founder of Westsylvania Jazz and Blues Festival in Indiana, PA.

Mike Powers
Mike Powers

Director of Electronic Communications, Indiana University of Pennsylvania


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