Max Johns

Max is a New Zealander who has been working with words and content - usually but not always of the digital kind - for more than 10 years. He's worked for public and private organisations, big and small. He's also been a marketer in a few different contexts. His most recent employer, Jade Software, partners with businesses on digital transformation programs in industries from energy to financial services. Away from work, he's one of three organisers of the Auckland Content Strategy Meetup. In 2016, Max started Content Strategy, Simplified. The main purpose of this new venture is to make it easy for businesses to get started with content strategy, and to quickly build on successes - creating strategies that fill the most important needs first, and then expand. By the time you read this he'll be a father of two, and probably quite tired.

Max Johns
Max Johns

Founding simplifier, Content Strategy, Simplified


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