Malaika Carpenter

Malaika Carpenter is a storyteller at heart, communicator by nature, and a writer and content strategist by profession. Her name pretty much says it all—Malaika literally means angel in Swahili. For nearly a decade, she has helped companies build and share their brand story and authentically connect with their customers.

Through her consultancy SayCred Media Group, she helps her clients create a structured approach to producing web content, define and implement message strategies, and craft web and mobile content.

Drawing from her experience in field sales and corporate communications, she understands that it takes strategic thinking, good storytelling, and creative copywriting to create message strategies that deliver results. She has experience applying these strategies within organizations of all sizes, including large corporations and small startups in healthcare and technology. Malaika has a master’s degree in Communication and a certificate in UX Design from Rutgers University.

Malaika Carpenter
Malaika Carpenter

Founder and Principal Consultant, SayCred Media Group, LLC

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