Leah Sand

Leah Sand is a passionate innovator who uses empathy to tell stories, coach clients through organizational challenges, and connect people. She brings a unique entrepreneurial approach to brands and agencies who desire real, lasting change when it comes to the way they approach digital content.

Leah is the founder of the Content Systems practice at VML, which she started to help clients innovate through content, enhance their digital maturity, and connect with their customers through storytelling. The foundation of the practice is deeply rooted in systems thinking, with the goal to not only deliver effective content on a consistent basis, but to deliver stories that matter to customers on an emotional level.

A “big picture” thinker and adventurous at heart, she reads buddhist philosophy books in her spare time and travels to remote places when she’s not running VML’s Content Systems practice.

Leah Sand
Leah Sand

Director, Content Systems, VML


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