Biz Sanford

Biz Sanford is a senior content strategist on the UX team at Shopify in Ottawa, Canada. She’s spent the last three years building products and tools that help over 500,000 Shopify entrepreneurs grow their businesses. She manages Shopify’s voice and tone, sets content standards, and teaches the entire organization how to write their own great content. She spoke at Confab Central in 2017 and in Australia at the Content Strategy Forum Conference in 2016. Before joining Shopify, Biz worked for several Canadian government departments, where she helped build a user-centered culture and develop a usability strategy for If she’s not working, she’s probably drinking wine, reading Harry Potter, or off adventuring.

2020 Introductory workshop:
2020 Intensive workshop:
2020 Session:
Biz Sanford
Biz Sanford

Senior Content Strategist, Shopify

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