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Hear from content strategy experts around the world, covering topics that vary from tried-and-true methodologies to emerging new ideas. After the event, all talks will remain available in the Confab 2020 conference library.

Dan RamsdenDan Ramsden

Building a discipline: How they do UX writing at the BBC

Dan Ramsden

Creative Director for UX Writing & UX Architecture, BBC

Katherine Bradshaw-Jones

Senior UX Writer, BBC

Libby VarcoeLibby Varcoe

Content transformation on a large scale: Turning the Titanic faster

Libby Varcoe

Principal Content Designer, Atlassian

Dana DiTomasoDana DiTomaso

Evaluating content success with analytics

Dana DiTomaso

President & Partner, Kick Point

Dayana KibildsDayana Kibilds

Get stuff done: Project management hacks for content strategy

Dayana Kibilds

Manager of undergraduate recruitment, Western University

Rachel McConnellRachel McConnell

Getting buy-in: A new way to talk about content strategy

Rachel McConnell

Content Strategist, Clearleft

Jessica MilcetichJessica Milcetich

Launching a chatbot: Lessons from USAGov

Jessica Milcetich

Product Manager, USAGov

Hilary MarshHilary Marsh

Making content strategy stick: How to operationalize and socialize your work

Hilary Marsh

President and Chief Strategist, Content Company, Inc.

Rosamund LanninRosamund Lannin

Modular content: Designing in pieces for flexible experiences

Rosamund Lannin

Content Strategist, Bounteous

Michael Haggerty-VillaMichael Haggerty-Villa

On the same page: Unify your teams with a powerful style guide

Michael Haggerty-Villa

Design Systems Lead, Intuit

Amanda MohlenhoffAmanda Mohlenhoff

Research in action: Talk like (and build for) your user

Amanda Mohlenhoff

Senior Manager UX Writing, GetYourGuide

Leslie MacLeslie Mac

Show vs. tell: Content creation for action

Leslie Mac

Founder & CEO, Resist University

Eileen WebbEileen Webb

Supporting accessibility in content, user experience, and organizational culture

Eileen Webb

Director of Strategy & Livestock, webmeadow

Jarle FjeldstadJarle Fjeldstad

The content sprint

Jarle Fjeldstad

Senior Content Strategist, Netlife Design

Are W. Sandvik

Content Strategist, Netlife Design

Awen WenAwen Wen

UX writing for international audiences

Awen Wen

Content Strategist II, Alibaba Group

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