Confab Central 2017

June 7–9, Minneapolis
Ann Handley speaking at Confab


Better workflows, stronger governance
Ahava Leibtag
Brand-driven content strategy: Developing a message architecture
Margot Bloomstein
Collaborative content modeling: Interdisciplinary techniques for less painful projects
Jeff Eaton
Content strategy 101: Start here
Kristina Halvorson
Measure and test your way to better content
Mike Powers


Challenge your content assumptions (and get a free puppy!): An intervention
Ann Handley
Storytelling in the modern age
LeVar Burton


Advocating from the inside out: Motivating your team to evangelize their work
Marissa Phillips
Coaching success: Training strategies for building strong teams
Eileen Webb
Communicating in an era of self-validating facts
Margot Bloomstein
Content ROI: Defining and measuring success
Sarah Richards
Content design: What it is and how to do it
Meghan Casey
Content ecosystems: Reduce content chaos with a model of your content reality
Scott Kubie
Content hoarding: Successful strategies to shift your in-house culture
Margo Schneider
Vanessa Casavant
Content myths debunked: Ten ways of thinking that are holding back your strategy
Brittney Dunkins
Content people and marketing people: It’s complicated
Max Johns
Content performance: Using data to avoid the unicorn trap
Melissa Hodai
Content strategy at startups and smaller businesses
John Moore Williams
Content strategy for mobile apps
Melanie Seibert
Gather your content team: Find your in-house champions
Keri Maijala
Inclusivity: Making products and teams accessible with content strategy
B Cordelia Yu
Keywords and context: How SEO can make content more human
Jess Hutton
Large-scale content projects: Advice, tools, and practical strategies
Emileigh Barnes
Making things real: Content strategy for realistic content management
Corey Vilhauer
Model the message: Holistic content modeling
Devin Asaro
Short and sweet: How and why to simplify writing
Becky Spurbeck
Structured content across the redesign process
Lisa Maria Martin
Working with silos: Content strategy in complicated hierarchies
Amanda Costello
Writing thoughtful product content at scale
Biz Sanford
Your funnel isn’t a journey
Jon Crowley

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