Confab 2019

April 26–29, Minneapolis

Confab 2019 took place in April in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This four-day event offered an introduction to content strategy, deep-dive workshops, inspirational main-stage talks, and detailed breakout sessions.

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The program

Introductory workshop

Intro to content strategy

Kristina Halvorson

Founder, CEO, Brain Traffic

Intensive workshops

Measure and test your way to better content

Mike Powers

Executive Director of Marketing and Communications, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

The conversation of UI: Unpacking voice and tone for interfaces

Michael Metts

Conversation Designer, Allstate

Andy Welfle

Senior Content Strategist, Adobe

Content ROI: Defining and measuring success

Sarah Richards

Founder, Content Design Centre

Facilitation for content strategy

Dan Brown

Principal, EightShapes, LLC

Put strategy into your storytelling

Tizzy Asher

Director of UX, Content Systems, Expedia

Structuring information to empower users

Lisa Maria Marquis

Independent IA/CS Consultant

People, plans, and process: Making your content strategy really happen

Malaika Carpenter

Founder and Principal Consultant, SayCred Media Group, LLC

Better workflows, stronger governance

Ahava Leibtag

President, Aha Media Group

Main-stage talks

Centering the margins in digital spaces

Marchaé Grair

Director of Public Relations and Outreach, Unitarian Universalist Association

Conversational design

Erika Hall

Director of Strategy, Mule

Assumptions are good for your content strategy

Andy Healey

Product Content Strategist, Shopify

Accessibility is usability

Sarah Richards

Founder, Content Design Centre

Fight bias with content strategy

David Dylan Thomas

Principal, Content Strategy, Think Company

Breakout sessions

Rebuilding trust: Validate users by starting where they are

Margot Bloomstein

Brand and Content Strategist, Appropriate, Inc.

Social strategy: A tale of discovery, implementation, and triumph

Erin Supinka

Assistant Director of Digital Engagement, Dartmouth College

AI for content: What’s your product saying behind your back?

Sam Havens

Director of Data Science, Qordoba

SEO and content design: Integrating user-centered search strategy into your workflow

Chris Corak

Partner + SEO Lead, ONWARD

Rebekah Baggs

Partner, Content Strategy, ONWARD

Activities and exercises for workshops that work

Tracy Playle

Chief Content Strategist, Pickle Jar Communications

Fresh takes: Embracing new storytelling models to engage your audience

Ravi Jain

Senior Associate Director, Digital Media & Web Development, Boston College

Process to the people: How content governance can power content teams

Blaine Kyllo

Senior Content Strategist, Content Strategy Inc

Helping content meet design

Gord Roberts

Manager, Web Content Strategy, Bank of Canada

What’s the “Scoop”? Building an editorial analytics dashboard with purpose

Mike Petroff

Senior Product Manager, Harvard Business Publishing

Aaron Baker

Associate Director of Content Strategy, Harvard University

All carrot, no stick: Content strategy when you can’t say no

Greg Dunlap

Senior Digital Strategist, Lullabot

Killing dreams softly: Managing difficult stakeholder conversations

Courtney McDonald

Learner Experience & Engagement Librarian, University of Colorado Boulder Libraries

Compelling UX: How and why to write onboarding content

Sarah Smart

Senior UX Content Strategist, Adobe

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