2018 session slides

This is where you’ll find links to slide presentations from Confab 2018. (Not every speaker will be able to share publicly, but we’ll continue to update this page as we receive more decks.)

Combining expertise to rebuild customer trust (Gerry McGovern)

Telling strategic stories (Brittney Dunkins)

Inclusive content, ethical tech, and you (Sara Wachter-Boettcher)

The art and science of collaboration (Dayana Kibilds)

Easy and affordable user testing (Ida Aalen)

Words and the design process (Biz Sanford)

Assess and progress: How to identify high-impact content initiatives (Kathy Wagner)

Fostering cross-team collaboration: How to build your content engine (Perry Hewitt)

Writing for buttons (and everything else): How UX teams can craft stronger copy (Andrew Schmidt)

Solo content strategy: Lessons for lone rangers and tiny teams (Malaika Carpenter)

Building and supporting your content strategy team (Marissa Phillips)

Structuring content to empower users (Lisa Maria Martin)

Empathy behind the algorithms: Creating people-driven SEO (Chris Corak)

User-centered tools and tactics for content strategy: How to choose wisely (Scott Kubie)

How to eat an elephant: Tackling your content giants (Vanessa Roman)

Content ROI: Defining and measuring success (Sarah Richards)

Short and sweet: How and why to simplify your writing (Becky Spurbeck)

Content isn't hard. Change is. (Leah Sand)

Data and metrics for content strategists (Heather O’Neill)

Compelling content for conversational interfaces (Phillip Hunter)

Language: Your organization’s most important and least valued asset (Abby Covert)

Lightning talks (Alexa Apallas, Marchaé Grair, Alison Hall, Jared Meyer, Good Roberts, Katherine Spivey, Julie Threlkeld, Saskia Videler)

If you don’t see specific slide decks on this list, the speaker likely is unable to share publicly.