We've done all this research, now what?

One of the most persistent factors limiting the impact of user research in business is that projects often stop with a catalog of findings and implications rather than generating opportunities that directly enable the findings. We’ve long heard the lament, “Well, we got this report, and it just sat there. We didn’t know what to do with it.”

But design research (or ethnography, or user research, or whatever the term du jour may be) has also become standard practice, as opposed to something exceptional or innovative. That means that designers are increasingly involved in using contextual research to inform their design work.

Ongoing acceptance of user research has increased the ranks of designers and others who feel comfortable conducting research. But analysis and synthesis is a more slippery skill set, and we see how easy it is for teams to ignore (more out of frustration than anything malicious) data that doesn’t immediately seem actionable. This workshop gives people the tools to take control over synthesis and ideation themselves by breaking it down into a manageable framework and process.

In this session, you'll:

  • Collaborate in teams to experience an effective framework for synthesizing raw field data.
  • Gain perspective on the difference between surface observations and deeper, interpreted insights.
  • Learn how to move from data to insights to opportunities.
  • Get techniques for generating ideas and strategies across a broad scope of business and design concerns.
  • Focus on individual and group analysis to create a top-line report.
  • Brainstorm on patterns, cluster analysis, and diagrams to rethink problems.
  • Prioritize findings and create new opportunities.

Who should attend: People who are or will be learning from users in order to create products, services, solutions, or experiences for them.

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