Stakeholder wrangling: People, projects, and politics

Content strategists wear many hats, often including project manager. Managing and collaborating well with stakeholders is a key component to any project’s success, but the politics, history, and culture of an organization give this task an extra layer of complexity not often found in PM training or books.

Drawing from more than a decade’s worth of experience working with higher ed projects and egos big and small, Amanda will get you equipped to roll with whatever stakeholders may throw at you.

Join this session to:

  • Learn about how to identify the cultural specifics of an organization that make stakeholders in the both a unique challenge and a fantastic asset.
  • Build your own toolkit for project-based stakeholder management
  • Play the long game better: get buy-in and maintain goodwill from bosses, grandbosses, department heads (and beyond!) by leading up.
Amanda CostelloAmanda Costello

Lead Content Strategist, CEHD, University of Minnesota

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