Rightsizing your digital presence

Regardless of the size or complexity of an organization, its digital presence is often unnecessarily large given the organization’s scope. But rightsizing is tough. We’ll look at how to discard unnecessary content, both from the perspective of the one-time effort (such as during a migration) and on an ongoing basis.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Shift the conversation from talking about specific pages to rules about pages that should be cut and kept (and, importantly, what should not be created in the first place).
  • Take the more effective middle ground between the nuclear (delete all content and start afresh) and forklift (just haul all the content and dump it on the new site) approach during a migration.
  • Change a discussion about cutting content into a conversation about maintaining a focused site on an ongoing basis.

Who should attend: People with digital presences that are unnecessarily large or who are ready to do the hard work of looking broadly and deeply at the issue of unnecessary content. This session may also be helpful to people tasked with migrating content, who would like to introduce a more systematic approach to make migration more efficient.

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