Pair writing: How to collaborate effectively with subject matter experts

Ensuring users get the right information in the most digestible format relies on getting ideas and knowledge from the heads of subject matter experts into the heads of content producers.

Often, though, the people with topical expertise are too busy to produce content or unable to communicate their expertise. Yet, their input is crucial to make sure we write knowledgeably and accurately about a subject.Enter pair writing. Inspired by the agile technique of pair programming, pair writing brings together subject matter experts and content producers right from the start to create clear, concise content that meets user needs.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Apply pair writing techniques to your projects.
  • Use pair writing to speed up publishing processes by helping content producers and subject matter experts focus content discussions on meeting user needs.
  • Introduce and explain the benefits of pair writing to stakeholders.

Who should attend: This session is designed for anyone who works with subject matter experts, and working to bridge that gap between specialized, detailed knowledge and useful, strategic content.

Prerequisites: Attendees should bring a laptop or tablet for writing exercises. Any basic pre-installed word processor will suffice.

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