Making things real: Content strategy for realistic content management

Everyone has a plan. Until reality sets in.

You've seen it all before. A marketing team that's created unreasonable expectations. A designer who's looking to break barriers—without regard to the content model. The myth of personalization. The dangers of the completely customizable website.

And now it's your job to bridge the gap between dreams and usable web programming. How do we take what we want and translate it into something usable? How do we take someone's ideas and turn them into a usable web implementation, navigating the constraints and pitfalls of project dreams, organizational bias, and unrealistic expectations?

It's called "reification," and it's the act of making something real. We're not talking code. We're not talking CMS selection. We're simply talking about helping those we work with understand the content management landscape though a common language and practical questions. Let's take the best case scenario and get it closer to a real life scenario. Let's make things real.

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