Content strategy for copywriters: Breaking old habits for digital success

For editors, journalists and writers who still feel attached to their pencil, tape recorder, and Moleskine notebook, old habits can be hard to break. But guess what? Readers still need clear, concise, and well-formed ideas, sentences, and structures.

Skills you developed over years in journalism and traditional publishing (or learned in writing and marketing courses at college) remain relevant in the digital world. This workshop will help you broaden your knowledge and show you how your editorial skills can complement the wider world of content strategy.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How writing and editing for digital platforms differs from (and is the same as) traditional print
  • Why search engines are our friends, and how to become BFFs
  • What the implications are now that we’ve separated content from the physical object (book, newspaper, brochure) that delivers it to our readers
  • Best-practice tips for online content success

Who should attend: Anyone who would like to strengthen or refresh their digital writing skills.

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