Are you having a laugh? The serious business of comedy in content strategy

Think of your favorite teacher from school. It was the one that made you laugh, right? Through laughter we learn, we evolve, we challenge, and we remember. So, it’s no surprise that making audiences laugh is something that many content strategists and creators might aspire to. Comedy can lead to connection. But how many of us really achieve this, or even dare to try without fear of it going horribly wrong?

In this session, we’ll seek to understand how to embed comedic content and lessons from comedy into your content strategies and editorial plans.

You’ll learn:

  • How comedy works and why it’s such an important tool for content strategy
  • How to align an approach to comedy and humor to your organization's brand
  • To think about the many different touch points in your user's experience of your brand where you can embed comedy or humor, or a lightness of approach and tone

Who should attend? Content strategists, content creators, and anyone with an interest in thinking about how to inject comedy and humor into different ways of communicating in business, from marketing to internal meetings.

Tracy PlayleTracy Playle

Chief Content Strategist, Pickle Jar Communications

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