A content strategist's guide to user journeys

Empathizing with our audience means we build better experiences for them—and there’s no better way to create and communicate empathy than a user journey. User journeys visualize a person’s holistic experience with our product, service, or brand. In this workshop, you’ll hear how Facebook’s user journeys help at every stage of product development, from new idea to refinement and growth.

Participants in this workshop will develop their own user journeys, referencing examples from real-life Facebook products. We’ll break down the process into problems we’re trying to solve, tactics that help us visualize solutions, and connections between each element. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Define problems to be solved.
  • Scope and define a user journey.
  • Develop ways to visualize your user journey.
  • Map content to user journeys.
  • Communicate insights to any team.

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