Breakout session

Too many cooks: Overcoming content interference

“I would actually say it like this…” If these words sound familiar, then you’ve experienced what’s known as “content interference.” It’s the unending, unqualified, and unwanted instruction from outsiders and stakeholders.

More than an annoyance, unchecked content interference can derail even the best content strategies, and higher ed is exceptionally prone to this particular scourge. Learn why it happens, how to avoid it, and what you can do to turn content’s greatest weakness into your greatest strength.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the causes of content interference.
  • Learn specific tactics to prevent content interference.
  • Pick the right battles to fight (and avoid the ones you can’t win).

Who should attend: Anybody grappling with unsolicited or unhelpful input from a variety of stakeholders (and non-stakeholders).

Jared Thomas MeyerJared Thomas Meyer

Senior Web Content Strategist, Bixal

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