Breakout session

Stop, collaborate, and listen: The power of partnership between news and events teams

Covering events is basic journalism. But how often do writers look to event planners to create great stories?

For Georgia Tech's campus communications and special events teams, rethinking commencement was the start of a powerful partnership. Together, the two teams are better than one at finding story sources, reaching audiences, and telling exciting and heartwarming stories.

Kristen and Serena use their own experience as a guide on how to build this relationship and what aspects of an event can become enticing content for your audience.

This session will explore how to:

  • Identify ideal events for collaboration.
  • Collaborate with campus colleagues to benefit from differing expertise.
  • Find unique elements in recurring events that are newsworthy.
  • Leverage existing communications to develop and share your stories.

Who should attend: People who are looking to keep recurring info sounding fresh, or who are looking to collaborate better across different departments.

Serena WallaceSerena Wallace

Special Events Coordinator, Institute Communications at the Georgia Institute of Technology

Kristen BaileyKristen Bailey

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