Breakout session

Journey mapping for content strategy

Higher education is one of the most complicated industries when it comes to identifying an information architecture and helping multiple audiences across a plethora of user flows. Journey mapping is one key activity that can help design and content strategy teams better understand any complex site.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand goals and tactics, and how the touch points within a journey connect to those goals and those tactics.
  • Look for opportunities within the journey—touch points that don’t yet exist, pain points along the journey, and places where the user has a choice to make.
  • Consider the role of personas within a journey.
  • Move from creating the journey to the next steps, such as creating the content strategy itself, and collaborating with designers on things like site maps and wireframes.

Who should attend: Content strategists and copywriters who are interested in improved experiences on higher education websites.

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