Breakout session

Getting real about content workflow for your CMS

Imagine a world where web CMS (content management system) users are lead through a standardized process, ensuring content meets established guidelines and is properly reviewed before publication. Lovely idea, isn’t it?Too often this process flops. Our downfall is overlooking the way people really work. Workflow must be realistic, not idealistic.Yet, content strategy relies on people and process to succeed. So, let’s talk about making content workflow for your CMS the useful process it needs to be. (Spoiler: Your CMS may not be the solution.) The key is simplicity—but to get there we’ve got to understand the complexity.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Evaluate workflow requirements for content contributors.
  • Balance people and process to create a usable content workflow that supports great work—with real-world examples from large and small universities.
  • Align workflow for your CMS with your broader content workflow and governance plan.
Rick AllenRick Allen

Content Strategist, ePublish Media, Inc.

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