Breakout session

Content strategy for internal communications: Learn to love your newsletter

Fostering dialogue and collaboration is essential to creating a high performing team, but often, internal communications take a back seat to the “real” work. There’s nothing like the words “internal newsletter” or “mission statement” to make a content strategist cringe.

Hear from Erika Knudson and Susan Fou on how their team at Princeton University learned to love their internal newsletter and, in the process, helped create a culture shift. Informed by a set of guiding principles and a content strategy that emphasized humor (gasp—humor at Princeton University!), they took their cues from behind-the-scenes tours, magnetic poetry, and theSkimm, threw in a dose of surprise and wit, and helped launch a new staff engagement initiative.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Give communicators a fresh perspective on content strategy for internal communications.
  • Inspire them to think creatively about their own organizational cultures.
  • Show successful collaboration on content across departments.
  • Convince communicators that a willingness to not take yourself too seriously can create culture change.

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