Breakout session

Content reuse: Working smarter across web, print, and social

We spend a lot of time creating content, building and maintaining multiple content and marketing channels. But all of us are strapped for time and talent (sometimes treasure!) to keep the content production in high gear. In this talk, we’ll walk through “content heavy lifting” or taking big, heavy, unwieldy content objectives and turning them into highly effective, efficient content for web, social, and print.

In this session you’ll learn how to:

  • Plan for big-picture storytelling from the beginning.
  • Think carefully about how to make more efficient, divisible content.
  • Create valuable publications that can grow beyond marketing into other campus uses.

Who should attend: Print or digital content creators or managers, or email or social media marketers in large or small communications/marketing shops, or any content strategist who is wrestling with “big picture” mania in higher ed—capital campaigns, leadership transitions, budget cuts, etc.

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