Breakout session

Beyond the campus walls: Engaging with global online learners

The digital learning space (MOOCs, credentials, professional education, etc.) has rapidly expanded in the last five years, creating a global community of learners that reaches beyond the typical higher education audience. How can universities engage with learners who may never enter their doors or be a part of a traditional degree program?

As a pioneer in digital learning, MIT’s global community has over two million learners around the world. Learn from their experiences in digital content and digital marketing for a variety of online products that MIT offers, and the trends that they see in this growing market that higher ed content strategists should know about.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • The characteristics of the global, online-only audience
  • The types of products being offered and marketed to the online and open education audience
  • Strategies currently being used to engage these learners
  • How to use data to understand your audience and optimize messaging and budget
  • The challenges of engaging and retaining online learners, and bringing them into the larger university community

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