Breakout session

All gain, no pain: Philanthropy stories that work

Private philanthropy plays a big part in making discovery happen at all of our higher-ed institutions—gifts from donors help fund scholarships and fellowships, faculty positions, research, outreach, facilities, and more. However, many communicators dislike stories about philanthropy and donors because they come across as boring and/or full of institutional and development jargon.

Using specific examples in various media (print, video, online), this session will provide some ideas on making those stories just as compelling and engaging as the rest of your content—and how to enlist your development team as allies in this approach.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Get new ideas for presenting stories about donors, philanthropy, and giving.
  • Learn how (and why) to focus first and foremost on the impact of giving.
  • Get tips on how to work as a partner with your development team instead of at cross-purposes.

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