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People tell us all the time how much they love Confab, and how much it transforms their work—but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what past attendees have to say to people who are on the fence about attending …

“The Confab team has done an incredible job. They’ve considered everything. This needs to serve as a model for other conferences.”
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Fuller Alcott
“Confab has been incredible. It doesn’t feel adapted from an in-person conference, it feels like it was designed to be virtual.”
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Michael Metts
“Confab is always a great week of learning and deepening my understanding of the latest in the field, as well as just a really fun time with really smart people.”
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Laura Herring, Pearson
“This was the most well thought out conference I’ve ever seen. From the food to the music, the staff, the speakers, right down to the program and the name badges. You were on point with everything. Keep doing what you’re doing.”
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Jaime McKeown, SafeStart
“Confab has a light and airy feel about it, which I really like. It supports my ability to learn, remember, and socialize. It has lots of space to move around and it has a friendly atmosphere. It’s like you think of everything, and then you think of even more.”
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Jo Marsicano, Hennepin County
“All the conferences I’ve previously attended were so sales heavy—I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to attend a conference for content nerds like me. It is a joy.”
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Emily Roche, Freelance Content Strategist
“I came away from Confab a more skilled content strategist. I was educated, energized, and affirmed. I’ve got new tools and more expertise to put into use which will help clients.”
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Blaine Kyllo, Content Strategy Inc.
“All the speakers, each and every one generous with sharing their knowledge, tools, and hacks, nourished the self-doubting content professional in me.”
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Anusha Jha Rohom, HolidayIQ
“I’ve worked in tech for over a decade, have been to more than a few conferences, and can honestly say it is the best conference I’ve ever attended.”
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Rosamund Lannin, Bounteous
“Confab is one of the best conferences in the country, content strategy or otherwise. I look forward to it every time.”
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Erika Hall, Mule

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