March 24, 2020

It’s official: Confab is going virtual!

As you’re well aware, our government has advised against large gatherings due to the dangers of COVID-19. So, for the first time since 2011, we will not be hosting Confab in Minneapolis this May.

But … cancel? No way. With all the bad news and heartache in the world, we are hell-bent on making at least one good thing happen in 2020. And you’re comin’ with us!

Right this minute, our small-but-mighty team is hard at work transforming Confab from the ground up to be the most stellar virtual conference you’ll ever attend. That’s right: Confab is happening online in May.

We wanted to give you the good news ASAP, but there are still some moving pieces we’re trying to pin down. You’ve been incredibly patient with us to date, and we’re asking for just a bit more time to get things in place.

Here’s everything we know right now:

Confab 2020 will take place online May 18-20. We’re working hard to transform the program so that you can still learn all the things, avoid screen fatigue, and have all kinds of real-time fun with Confab friends, old and new.

We’ll announce new, lower-cost ticket types for the virtual Confab experience in early April. That’s when we’ll update existing tickets and reopen registration to the general public. You can join our mailing list for updates.

We cannot process refunds, price adjustments, or transfers until new ticket types are announced. Our team is just stretched extraordinarily thin right now, and we want to be able to give everyone personal attention to make sure things are done right. Thank you so much for your kind patience.

We’re looking for new ways to help more people attend Confab. This year, we have the opportunity to give tickets to people who have lost jobs, who can’t travel, who are marginalized or impoverished—folks who most need the professional training and connections that Confab provides. That’s why we’re starting the 2020 Everybody Comes to Confab Fund. You’ll have the opportunity to donate part of your registration fee, sign on as an official sponsor, or apply for a free ticket. More info to come!

Your support right now matters one million times more than you can even imagine. Our team is only four people. We’re working tirelessly to make this happen. But we can’t make the first-ever virtual Confab happen without you.

Thousands of content nerds from around the world? Time spent up-close-and-personal with speakers? Cake decorating contests? LET’S DO THIS.

Singing like the Whos in Whoville,

Team Confab

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