Confab brand guide

Our name

“Confab” is one word, spelled with a big C and a little f. Some people think it's written as “ConFab” or “Con Fab”. While we do think that our conference is pretty fab, it's actually a real word.

Our logo

Please leave plenty of space around the logo when applying it.

When placing our logo on a dark background, use the reverse versions, which we designed specifically for this type of application.

Please don’t alter our logo in any way.

Please don’t use our logo in a way that suggests a relationship, affiliation, sponsorship, or endorsement by Confab of your product, service, or business.

Download our logo in multiple formats.

Our colors

We use a lot of colors! And we change them every year. But this year, these are our main and supplementary colors. If you are sponsor or affiliate using our colors in an ad or promotional piece, you can download our Adobe ASE file.

Main colors


Supplementary colors

Slate darker
Cream darker
Heartthrob lighter
Tomato lighter
Orange lighter
Harvest lighter
Heartthrob Darker
Tomato darker
Orange darker
Harvest darker

Our fonts

We use Gilroy for headings and buttons, and Lato for body copy.