Breakout session

Structured content across the redesign process

We know that content is at its most useful when it’s clear, consistent, orderly, organized—in other words, when it’s well-structured. But well-structured content doesn’t come from inserting “the structure” at some magical point in the process; it comes from applying a structural lens to all of our content activities, from beginning to end.

In this talk, we’ll look at how structural considerations—that is, how content is built, organized, and connected across the experience—can influence every step of the redesign process. Using examples from several organizations that recently overhauled their sites, we’ll discuss how learning to focus on structure can:

  • Make content easier to understand (and improve!)
  • Enhance communications with stakeholders and across teams
  • Lay a foundation to support future design, development, and governance plans

Who should attend: Anyone new to the idea of structured content or looking for a methodical approach to working with content during a website redesign.

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