Maps, models, and teams: Content modeling as collaboration

Content strategy has given digital teams a new way to tackle the challenges of publishing and product design. Concepts like a shared “content model” promise better communication and coordination … but somehow, most teams still manage to talk past each other.

Developers, designers, content editors, and stakeholders all care about different aspects of the content—and use different tools to capture their pieces of the puzzle. The good news is that these different views don’t have to conflict. By using each discipline’s perspectives to inform the others, we can gain a clearer and richer understanding of the content-avoiding common pitfalls, developing better lines of communication, and spotting often-overlooked opportunities for improvement.

In this talk, you’ll:

  • Revisit the basics of content modeling and how it pays off.
  • Hear how teams from different disciplines often approach the modeling process.
  • Learn how a shared “language” for your organization’s content can prevent future frustration.
  • Discover ways diverse teams can combine their perspectives to produce a more flexible and effective model.

Who should attend: People who may be familiar with content modeling, but are looking to make the practice more useful within their team.

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