Breakout session

Inclusivity: Making products and teams accessible with content strategy

The most engaging social media plan or the most inclusive style guide fails if the product is not also accessible. That is why content strategists who care about inclusivity must be at the table to help shape product strategy and business decisions.

Come hear the lessons from a multi-year effort to help a major national environmental nonprofit—an industry that is both centered around justice and still grappling with its legacy of discrimination—make its programs more inclusive of marginalized communities, as a part of modernizing its editorial, publishing, and programatic processes.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build inclusive content strategy teams.
  • Discover where your products and teams may be unintentionally discriminating against your audience and users.
  • Use content strategy as a tool for helping your team build empathy with your users and ultimately make your products.
  • Make your content strategy process a catalyst for social justice and inclusivity.

Who should attend: Content strategists who care about making sure their content doesn’t accidentally alienate users, and product managers who want to expand their content to new audiences.

Prerequisites: Some knowledge of user research tools, personas, and editorial style guides, and an understanding that inclusivity is a fundamental necessity.

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