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Content people and marketing people: It’s complicated

Content strategists and the marketing team share very few traits. Their goals, strengths, weaknesses, and styles aren’t only different, but often conflict. The relationship between the two is crucial, but often broken. A little more understanding would go a long way—but only if the other side weren’t so annoying.Drawing on a series of personal interviews and surveys, this talk looks at the role personal relationships play in creating this divide, the way organizational structure upholds it, and how strategy can overcome it.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How “pure marketers” think about content, and how “pure content people” think about marketing—prejudices, misunderstandings, and hard truths.
  • The skills that each side brings to an organization and how they ought to intersect and benefit everyone.
  • How the business structure, and the distance it does or doesn’t put between content/digital teams and marketing teams, affects the way the two sides relate and what work they do.
  • How content strategy needs to flow directly from the organisation's strategy (and how content marketing is much less important).

Who should attend: Content people who deal with marketing stakeholders. Marketers who hold a stake in content work. Managers of either. People with an interest in organizational dysfunction. Content strategists who want to know how they are perceived by others—and why and how to improve that.

Max JohnsMax Johns

Founding simplifier, Content Strategy, Simplified

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