Breakout session

Content hoarding: Successful strategies to shift your in-house culture

Change is hard—especially in a large organization with countless editorial teams, all working in silos and embracing a systemic content-hoarding culture. Learn how Seattle Children’s successfully facilitated a content ROT (Redundant, Outdated, Trivial) culture shift for their external websites using limited in-house resources.

The result? A simple and sustainable content governance process, organizational buy-in, shared accountability and responsibility, and empowered and enthusiastic content teams. Find out what it takes to remediate one thousand pages of ROT in less than a year.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Educate content creators and content owners to identify and remediate content ROT.
  • Bring together dispersed editorial teams to break down silos and facilitate cross-channel content planning.
  • Govern content ROT in large organizations with limited in-house resources.
  • Achieve organizational buy-in at every level and build enthusiasm and engagement for changing existing workflows and processes.
  • Maintain a technology-agnostic approach to cleaning up online content spread across multiple sites maintained by different content owners and authors.

Who should attend: Content strategists and team leaders who work with people who are (a) reluctant to get rid of anything at all, or (b) are always looking to create more content without retiring or replacing old information.

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