Breakout session

Coaching success: Training strategies for building strong teams

You’ve designed and led a complex project, trained your team in how to use the site, and had a successful launch. Hooray! But checking in a few months later—what happened? Why is this article posted in the wrong category? How did this form end up with so many fields? Who chose that terrible header image?

The long-term success of our sites depends on our team members making strong, sound decisions that align with the project strategy. But we’ve been doing a crummy job of teaching that strategy: A half-day webinar and a PDF training document just don’t cut it. Teaching someone how to enter content in a CMS isn’t the same thing as teaching them how to think strategically about that content in the first place.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The most effective ways to give our teams deep understanding of a project’s strategy
  • What gets in the way of our sharing that understanding
  • The leadership changes necessary to support these efforts, from project foundations all the way to tactical training plans

Who should attend: Team leaders of all flavors: project managers, content strategists, consultants who develop plans for their clients, and so on. This will be somewhat less useful for folks who are heads-down in the trenches.

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